Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh, blessed sleep!

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Poor Penguin has picked up a nasty spring cold. She's been snotty, and cough-y, and running a bit of a fever on and off for the last week. We've given her infant tylenol as needed, pushed liquids, and have the cool mist humidifier running in her room at night, etc.

She's been M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E. She'll be fine for a while, but she just gets worn down so fast, she turns into a grumpmeister. We've tried more naps, but when she lays down, she coughs more, so that doesn't always go well. And yesterday, I get a "massive fail" on my "timing naps well" report card when her down-too-late in the morning nap turned into have-to-wake-her-up-for-school-pickup screamfest, complicated by poopy diaper, and attempted refusal to wear pants.* THEN the afternoon nap did not happen. Sure, there was quiet time in her crib, that was actually quiet & involved looking at books on her own, but no actual nap.

Her nights have been disasters. She'd go to sleep pretty well, but after a couple of hours, she'd start waking herself up with coughing or just not being comfortable about every 15-20 minutes, until midnight or so, when she'd finally fall back asleep for a few hours. Then there was the 3am cough fest followed by the "is it morning yet; I think I'm ready to be awake" hour. And sleep in? Bah!

So I've been exhausted. I mean nothing like the level of newborn baby care, especially breastfeeding newborn baby care, but not something I'm used to anymore (thankfully!). I've been (trying not to be) grumpy, less clear-minded, less patient, etc.

But last night, after some difficulty falling asleep, Penguin was asleep like 7:30 or so, and only woke up once. Or at least, only woke up loudly/longly/coughingly enough once to wake me up, too.

I just feel so much better today after a fairly solid night's sleep, I'm practically giddy! Woo-hoo, sleep!!!

* She's currently obsessed with "black. pants! black. pants!" and doesn't want to wear anything else.
(Hi, Pusher, BTW. *grin*) Fortunately, we've got three different pairs of them, plus a "brown. pants." that are also sometimes acceptable. Unfortunately, all of them went in the wash last night & therefore were not available to be worn this morning. Fortunately, it's spring, so her 12mo-sized stretchy black pants make perfectly acceptable capris. :)

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Mr. Kluges said...

My wife forgot to mention that she was so exhausted in fact, that yesterday she went downstairs to do the laundry, and at the bottom of the laundry chute, she found the recycling that she had tossed down the night before.

Now, I wonder where my favorite shirt has gone?