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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WW - Last Friday was Super Hero Day!

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Little Miss Manners Remembers Them All

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Penguin is a big fan of writing thank yous. She's got all of hers done from Christmas already while the rest of us are about half-way done. (Of course, the ones Pumpkin has done aren't the same ones that I've done... so none of them are out the door yet, but progress had been made, really.)

We were going through the list we'd jotted down of which presents came from which loved ones, and I told her she was done.

"No, I'm not!" she insisted.
"I think you are, honey. Who do you think we've missed?"

Oh, yeah. I suppose The Jolly Man in Red does deserve a thanks, too, doesn't he? Bet the number of wish lists he receives every December rather outstrips the number of thank you letters that arrive in January though.

Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year's Resolutions - 2012

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Happy New Year! Let's start this year out right! I've already run this morning & now I'm posting, plus I did a bit of decluttering/sorting. Don't worry - I'm not working so hard that I'm going to burn myself out the first week or anything, but well-begun is half-done, right?

My resolutions for 2012 fall into three main areas.

Improving Myself - I think I'm far from the only one who wants to get more healthy and/or lose a bit of weight.  My third one is more about getting out of a rut...and being a little vain.  :)
  • Run in three 5K races this year.  I've done two in each of the past two years, so I see this as reasonable.
  • More water; less alcohol.  I'm going to drink water with more meals, particularly supper. (Breakfast, of course, gets coffee!  *grin*)
  • Do my hair a different way at least once each week.  I always just do it the same way, so maybe a headband or straightening it or a barrette or ponytail or anything.
Improving  My Relationships - I think I've become more isolated this year, so I want to make a point to counteract that.
  • Post at least once a week... and not just pictures.  I began this blog back when we lived overseas as a way to keep in touch with the folks back home, mostly in MN.  Well, now we're in WI, still far away from any family & our old friends.  I'm not one to pick up the phone and call, so this is a good tool for me.  Plus, it helps me keep a record of memories.
  • Mr. Kluges and I have started trying to reserve Saturday nights for "us time."  Sometimes Rarely it's a date night out; often it's a movie or board game together.  The point is if we don't set aside time, we don't take it.
  • Spend time with my children separately doing fun stuff.  They are growing up quickly & I tend to do stuff with them together.  I'd like to do more one-on-one time with them each - at least every other month I'd like to do something with just one of them.
  • Speak up - respectfully, assertively, & in a timely manner - when I need to to get my needs met.
Improving My Environment
  • Keep going with Flylady.  I do a fair amount of her routines & such already... and they help a lot.  Specifically, I want to spend 2 minutes on a hot spot every day, and 15 minutes of decluttering at least once a week.
  • Speaking of decluttering, I'm going to make a point to get the decluttered STUFF out of the house sooner.  I've got STUFF waiting to be brought to the resale shop or to get posted on Craig's List or to be donated or that I just don't know what to do with but we don't want it anymore.  It might be sorted, but it's still in the house.  Let's get it gone.
  • Get the attic room into shape so I can USE it.  That's going to be my away/crafting/sewing/project area, much like my husband has a basement workroom & a garage stall work space.  Sure, I have to take into account some filing cabinets and stuff, and it's a tiny room, but it's going to be MINE.

How about you?  Are you making any resolutions this year?