Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm sorry but no matter how I try, every idea I have for this title includes the phrase, "My butt."

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I know, I know, I've been a terrible blogger and kind of dropped off the face of the earth.  Let me just say that the end of the school year was busy, we've been slaving away on the raised bed (which are now DONE!), and having both girls home all day, every day now that it's summer break certainly has been keeping me much too busy to spend a lot of time on the computer!

Oh, and I've been practicing up for this:

(The important part runs from about 0:40-0:50.  I guess my 15 minutes of fame comes in 10 second intervals.)

Our belly dance troupe is dancing and doing some simple lessons in our tent from 11-7:30 tomorrow, plus doing three half-hour shows on one of the stages.  Obviously, we danced this evening, too!  The rest of the troupe who were there tonight were grabbing a quick bite to eat when your man with the camera came around, so it was lucky me who gets to have a famous rear.  :)