Friday, October 26, 2012

I don't think she learned that at Sunday School

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At lunchtime today, I had this conversation with Penguin. She's been asking similar questions, putting things in order lately, so I wasn't too surprised by the beginning anyway.

Penguin: Before there was cheese, there was.... 

Me: Milk? 

P: Yes, and before there was milk, there was.... 

M: Water?

P: And before there was water, there was...? 

M: Nothing really - water happened pretty early.

P: Before there was water there was? 

M: Well, water was around pretty early on the world.
P: What was before the world?

M: God. 

P: Before there was God there was? 

M: Nothing. Before God was nothing. 

P: Before nothing there was?  

M: God. 

P: No, before God there was? 

M: Nothing. 

P: Before nothing was? 

M: God. What do YOU think was before nothing? 

P: Unicorns. 

M: Unicorns?! 

P: Yup, space-traveling unicorns.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

August's trip to Minnesota

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 I know, I know - awful blogger, never updating, guilty am I. BUT skipping merrily over that, let me bribe you with PICTURES! Since I got my new laptop, it took us a while to figure out how to download our camera onto it, but now that it works, hooray! Let me share with you some pictures from our trip to Minnesota in August, featuring Pumpkin's 8th birthday, a trip to the MN Zoo and their featured Dinosaurs! exhibit, and, as the main reason for our trip, a wedding in the family.

The birthday girl with one of her two cakes that weekend thanks to the grandmas!

Us four with Grandpa Pet & Grandpa Pharaoh and a zoo statue of lions
Oh  no! It's a big ol' T. Rex!
We better run!!!!

I love Pumpkin's imitative face on this one!  Also, FYI, they're wearing  their Dino Girl dresses/tunics from Jusami 'cuz their mommy planned ahead.

I love that they had this at the end so you could see how the dino models worked... and control them yourself.

One of their favorite parts was touching the sharks & manta rays & trying to reach in to touch the anemones.  And yes, we DID see a child (not ours!) stretch and reach so far she fell in! The zoo volunteers keep towels at their station. :)

Hello, monkey!

We are fierce girls who ride on wolves!

The wedding

With this ring....

Mr. Kluges's side in a rare group photo - y'all look so NICE!

Us with the bride - doesn't she look gorgeous?!!!!!!!!!!!!!