Monday, October 26, 2009

Would that be "God or Eagle" then?

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Mr. Kluges is teaching the girls about flipping coins, in order to figure out who has to take their bath first tonight. We must start with learning "heads or tails..."

Mr. Kluges: Ok, who do you think is on this coin?

Pumpkin: Um, God?

K: No, but good guess. This is actually George Washington. I'm sure he'd be flattered.

...more explanation about coins, that if this side is "heads," the opposite side would be "tails..."

Mr. Kluges: Now, when I throw this up in the air, you say "heads" or "tails."

Pumpkin: Ok.

(coin is flipped)

Pumpkin: (excitedly) Heads or tails!

Eventually Penguin was brought up to take her bath first... and a foundation in gambling has been laid.

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Mugsy said...

I always say heads or tails too - then I choose as soon as I glimpse the coin. Some might call that cheating!