Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sicky VonMcIckyson Household Update of Yuck

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  • Pumpkin's long-lasting cold? The one got her sent home from school last Tuesday & for which we kept her home Wednesday & Thursday? The one for which I brought her to the pediatrician on Thursday? Yeah, it turned into pneumonia. So, out on Friday, too! "Early presumptive pneumonia" at first, but radiologist confirmed it. So, a course of antibiotics for her. She hates the taste, so twice a day, she now gets a piece of her custom-made (with Daddy) chocolate bar as reward/to take away the taste.
  • Penguin's almost-as-long-lasting cold? The one that has caused her much, much nasty, icky eye goopage? Was long-enough lasting I brought her to a quick clinic today to find out she doesn't have pink eye. Also, when Pumpkin gets a piece of chocolate for her medicine, Penguin does, too, so she's very encouraging. :)
  • But I've got the pink eye. Thanks, kids! And here I was starting to think I was immune to this particular evil germ after wiping noses, washing eyes, and catching coughed-up phlegm (yup, sometimes parenthood sucks) for more than a week. Guess not! So, it's no contacts for the next week, funky-out-of-the-ordinary eye drops 3xday for my allergic-to-most-common-antibiotics-self, and a rediscovery of the joys of how glasses fog up when coming in out of the (dang cold!) cold.
  • Mr. Kluges... well, he's had some of that vicious same cold for about 3 or 4 days less than the girls. Not that he'd go in to see the doctor unless he was on death's door, but he's sniffling & hacking & coughing. He did manage to maneuver the snowblower yesterday enough to do our driveway and everything, but he's certainly not operating at 100%.
Here's sending you our best wishes for YOUR continued health & well-being! You might just want to go and wash your hands after reading this post though - apparently, we're highly contagious right about now.

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Helen said...

Feel better Vonmcickyson household! You can't be sick for Christmas, it's not allowed. I just checked the rules and it says "no sick for Christmas".