Saturday, May 07, 2011

Garden Progress (featuring the cutest li'l shovel swinger!)

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Hey, with this much dirt to move...

...I'll take my help wherever I can get it!

In fact, earlier this week, Mr. Kluges came home to a very Tom Sawyer scene, with several of the neighbor kids happily digging away, though rather less effectively & diligently than Penguin does in the video.  I figure, any shovels-ful they do, are fewer Mr. Kluges & I have to move, right?!

We've been busy digging, leveling, digging, moving/counting bricks, digging, and, oh, did I mention digging?  Moving along fairly quickly, all things considered.  Mr. Kluges is on a kick to get the digging/leveling/squaring off the holes done by the end of the weekend, so HOURS of digging were put in today.  Not done yet, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for good weather.
Here's a couple pictures I took about lunchtime today.  More progress has been made, but this lets you see the scope of our folly, without water (or snow) this time! 

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Allknowingjen said...

That's a lot of dirt! But you have made a lot of progress-yay!