Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Why, hello there!

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Yes, I still love you all. No, I haven't forgotten one of my goals for this year was to post weekly. Do I have a good excuse? No, not really. Just "life."

So, bits and pieces is what you're getting today 'cuz I hope that's better than nothing! :)

I've recently started doing lunch & recess duty at school. A couple other moms from Penguin's class do it, so she's MORE than happy to run around with those two classmates before the big kids come down, to eat with Pumpkin, and to get to go out to the school playground, too. It's technically a paid position, so I technically have a job again. I guess.

We have our first non-backyard family camping trip scheduled for this June! I got myself a sleeping bag with some of my Xmas money (Thanks, Mom & Dad!), now I just need to get a good pad/mattress for underneath. So exciting!

I got these rabbit & bear egg molds. They are fun.  They're also available from Amazon, which is where I got mine to bump my sleeping bag purchase over into free super-saver-shipping territory.  I have ordered some cute bento lunch boxes from this site & was very pleased with them - these in pink & orange are my current favs.

In other "yay!" purchases, I got a local basket-weaving lady to make me a quarter-circle basket for my keys-n-crap to replace the square one I had on my quarter-circle shelves.  It's a little thing, but makes me happy.

Yesterday I fell asleep on the couch rather than do my scheduled run, but other than that I've been very good with getting 3 runs in every week, plus Wednesday night community ed dance class.  Even so, if I shift my running schedule just a bit, I should still be able to do all 3 this week.  Still on track for three 5Ks this year!

Ok, speaking of lunch duty, I'd better grab Penguin's lunch box & snow pants & head out the door into the 40F weather.  (What is UP with that, by the way?!)

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