Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy (Belated) Easter!

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Thanks go out to TNGreatAunt for the (as always) adorable dresses, and to the Easter bunny for the yummy & fun eggs. :)

....and they're off!

The Easter Bunny left a note that the pink & blue eggs were for Pumpkin
while the yellow & purple ones were for Penguin.

Sometimes the Easter Bunny wasn't very tricky.

Why find your dress shoes when Mommy says you can go hunt eggs?!
Grab whatever pair's the closest!


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that you all liked the dresses
cute pictures

MaryP said...

Oh, aren't they having fun? I love the idea of colour-coding the eggs. Very clever. Nice of the Easter Bunny to make those yellow and purple eggs a little easier to spot, too. He's a good egg, the EB.

When mine were little enough to have egg hunts, my stepkids were part of it, too, so there were EIGHT of them. Our way of managing this was to say that all eggs found had to be returned to a large bowl on the dining table, then to be distributed evenly amongst the horde. It worked well!