Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Honey Bee on the Siberian Squill = Spring!

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I know, I know, I've been absolutely AWFUL about posting.  Beyond awful.  But rather than getting bogged down in that and feeling guilty, I'm just going to post right now... because I want to, and because maybe then I'll start to feel like, "Hey, I could post that!" and be better about writing here!
In the spring, usually right around tax day, our backyard is filled with lush green foliage and electric blue-purple flowers that we're pretty sure are Siberian squill.  Seriously, the whole backyard.  It's the best it looks all year, by far.  In fact, a while (man, I GUESS a while!) ago I posted pix of my two gorgeous (and WAY smaller) girls in the squill flowers.  

Well, today I've got a picture of a different one of my "girls" in the squill.  Of course, this one's in the squill because she's busy collecting the pretty blue pollen in the pollen baskets on her back legs as well as the nectar.  :)  


Anonymous said...

so good to see you again

Pusher said...

BEAUTIFUL. (bee-utiful?)

Anonymous said...

what about halloween pictures of you all