Friday, September 11, 2009

Well, hello there!

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Wow. I'm just not blogging much, am I? I do have to say that, in my case anyway, less time on-line = tidier house, so just blame Flylady! ;) Also, Pumpkin restarted school last week, so we're still readjusting to the new routine & accommodating pick-up/drop-off times. Also, also, my parents came out last weekend & we had a lovely time and got a lot accomplished!

We (with the very helpful help of my parents, both as workers & as child minders)...
  • moved the pile of 1,000 bricks and restacked it as a lower, wider, somewhat safer "stage" since that's what the girls thought it was.
  • washed & put up 16 storm windows. (Still LOTS to go. We're maybe 1/4 done.)
  • de-painted-shut, washed & put in all more-than-100 little soffit vents & therefore the soffit is fixed & finished!
  • got to go on a DATE NIGHT! Hooray! Thanks again, Gramma Pet & Paahpah Pharaoh, for babysitting! We had a lovely evening, relaxing (long) dinner out, and enjoyed the couple time immensely!
Still catching up, decluttering, etc. Soon to need to go through the girls' fall clothes & get out some long sleeves and pants and put away the sleeveless shirts & shorts, but for now we're trying to really enjoy the last of the warm weather. In fact, supper tonight is going to be steak and salmon on the grill, sweet corn on the cob, salad mix (from our CSA) and some tomato/fresh mozzarella/balsamic vinegar/basil/olive oil dish. Summer on a plate!

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kittenpie said...

Wait, you went on a what? What is this date night thing you speak of? Is it like a moped?

And me, showing up again? My year is over, I am back at work, and The BUn is in daycare, so now I occasionally have my hands to myself! Trying to catch up around here.