Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WW - "New shirt" AND two pairs of "leg-arm-ers" = fashion success!

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(If the title didn't make any sense,
go back and read here
about Penguin's latest fashion
choices, nay, demands.)


Nectarine said...

Look how long her hair is now!! Do you like the leg armers better then tights? Why and does the older one wear them? Just wondering for our girl!!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

I like the legwarmers for Penguin sine she can just pull them off her arms when she gets warm, rather than try to deal with a sweatshirt over her head or buttons/zipper on a cardigan. Also, for ease with the potty, tho she usually just takes it all off for that!

Pumpkin hasn't worn any yet, but I'm thinking over tights for more warmth or to help with that between the sock and pant-leg and/or between the gloves and teh sleeves snow-catching areas once winter comes & we're playing outside.

Happy Veggie said...

I gave M a pair to wear today with her leggings and a dress, and we got success. Definitely help with the warm thing when you have a kid who requires that she wears dresses nearly every day.

MaryP said...

I love those cute little bunches in her hair! Adorable!

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