Friday, June 04, 2010

Weekend Plans

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Trying to finish packing & everything else that needs to be done before we head out today (after Mr. Kluges gets home from work & after Pumpkin's LAST DAY OF 5K! aka REAL KINDERGARTEN!). We're off to MN for the weekend for a wedding on Mr. Kluges's side, but it's a no-kids wedding, so Pumpkin & Penguin will be STAYING WITH GRANDMA PET AND GRANDPA PHARAOH! Oh, the excitement. And _we_ get to stay at a hotel that night! It's actually our very first no-kids-overnight ever since Pumpkin was born almost 6 years ago.

So, back to the packing! See you all Monday between loads of laundry & mowing (again) & other catch-uppy things.

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Mary Beth said...

Have a great time! What is it with the mowing this year? For the first time in a couple of years, we're doing it ourselves and not having a service and it seems like we're doing it every week!