Monday, August 02, 2010

7/12th of the Year Over Resolution Revisitation

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Doing a periodic check-in to keep myself honest & accountable... and also to celebrate the ones I've got DONE!!!
  • Exercise most nights of the week -Eh, I'm doing 3 consistently, sometimes 4 or 5. Now that I've run my 5K, I'm often ending up only running 2 times a week instead of 3. With belly dance troupe every Wednesday, I've always definitely got 3 nights in of some kind of exercise. I need to start doing something else once or twice a week - weights or the Shred or DVDs or something - because I've noticed a decline in arm strength since I just focused on running.
  • Do the Couch-to-5K Program...and run in a 5K race - Done, and DONE!
  • Reduce/avoid empty calories - Cheetos, I wish I knew how to quit you. Still working on this one, but all the summer veg around does help.
  • Keep following the Flylady- Fluttering along. Not doing everything, but with baby steps I'm definitely making progress. More decluttering needs doing, but the house is in general much more company-ready and clean than it was a year ago.
  • Spend 30 minutes per weekend on the attic room- I'm officially now adapting this one to be *Spend 30 minutes per weekend on the attic room OR the basement. It's really, really hot up there right now. And the basement gets just too chilly to want to spend much time in it in the winter. So, I'll split the difference & spend time in each, which is just fine. With people over or busy weekends or whatever, I'm probably getting doing this one 67% of the time, but that's still a lot more time spent on them than I ever have before & it helps a lot.
  • Paint the small area behind the radiator in our room (in the summer)- And DONE! As of about 10 days ago. I had to give it two coats, since it's hard to get a brush down in there behind it, but now it looks good! Yay!

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