Thursday, January 27, 2011

Layering isn't always the best option

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When my parents were here this past weekend, we started telling them some stories about the funny age that is 3. One of the stories was about the night when we checked on Penguin after she'd settled in to sleep, and discovered she'd decided to add a few layers to her pajamas before falling asleep.

How many layers?

Well, see if you can tell from the photo:

(Yes, that is her cookie costume as a scarf. Also, I took that one off right after taking the picture.)

Give up? You should... you can't even see the pink footie pjs that were her original going-to-bed-outfit... and which were still underneath all that!

Penguin's outfit that night (most of which were removed post-picture, without waking her up) included:
  • her original pink fleece footie pajamas
  • the purple princess/crown pj pants you can see on the bottom
  • a matching purple princess/brown pj top
  • the purple star/moon pj top you can see
  • matching purple star/moon pj pants you cannot
  • a denim jumper
  • socks
  • a tutu
  • and her cookie costume.
We (ok, mostly me) just kept giggling as we oh-so-quietly, and oh-so-gently kept removing layer after layer after layer. I guess it's just a good thing it wasn't summer or she would have sweated herself to death!

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funkomatic said...

Haha! That is fantastic! Hopefully kiddo will retain this knowledge of laying (being Midwestern and all) but will apply it with more finesse as the years go by.