Thursday, February 24, 2011

Focus on the positive

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Things I Can't Do With a Broken Left Wrist
  • Drive (since on Percocet)
  • Put in contacts
  • Put in a ponytail... for myself or 3yo or 6yo with hair down to her bottom
  • Wash dishes (hey, this one isn't so bad!)
  • Fold laundry
  • Tie my pj bottoms
  • Fasten hooks
  • Make Pumpkin's cute lunches
  • Wear my wedding ring (fingers WAY too swollen still!)

Things I Still CAN Do
  • Type (ok, it's slow, but hunt-n-peck still works)
  • Change the toilet paper roll
  • Strip the sheets for reg. Thurs. sheet changes!
  • Almost remake the beds - K had to help w tucking in & the queen-sized comforters
  • Put away most dry dishes
  • Put away laundry Mr. K has folded & carried upstairs
  • Sort/start laundry w Penguin's help
  • Take an adequate pic of that dang cast all by myself
  • Stop and take it easy whenever needed!


ShoNuff said...

Ouch!! Sounds like time to put some responsibility on the 6 yr old:)

Hope it heals quickly.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh yes, both girls have been called upon to help a lot more. Since Pumpkin's at school all day, Penguin gets to do extra helping w laundry, sheets, etc. But sometimes it's more "help" than help. :)

Erin said...

Is the three-year-old adept at hooking bras? I can't imagine that's very easy.
So sorry, Ms Huis. That really, really sucks.
The "stop and take it easy" sounds good though. Do lots of that.

Syl said...

Ouch, that does look swollen. Keep it elevated as much as you can and keep it protected. Bonking it on anything will make it swell up all over again.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Erin - that's one of my hubby's jobs in the morning! As is braiding/ponytailing the 6yo's hair. Both of those two things are WELL beyond what I can do at the moment!

Pusher said...

Holy crap, Ms. Huis! (I really picked the wrong week to forget to check blogs.) That looks so painful! You poor thing. Demand lots of pampering. You and Syl are so far ahead of the rest of us in the race to bionic supremacy. (And you both had hot doctors. Hm.....)