Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not a step means don't step there

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So, please forgive any typos. Just wanted to let you all know last Sat I fell off the top step of a ladder in our garage & broke my L wrist. (But thank God did not land on anvil, table saw or 3 year old!) Mr. K was still in Ireland, So Pumpkin got phone, I called 911, then very awesome mom-friend who is saint & came & took girls & kept overnight.

Couldn't fix well enough in ER, so surgery today. Now I'm 1 plate & 8 screws worth of bionic! Arm still numb block of wood. Also typing SLOW! Maybe cast pic for WW tomorrow if you're lucky! :)

Also, don't step on "not a step", 'k? :)

P.S. Best part of day? When semi-George-Clooneyish surgeon (who'd also seen me in ER) said, "I'd never have guessed you were 38!"


Kashka said...

Sorry to hear it, hope it heals up well.

And, yes, at my job you'd be sentenced to coming around to all the safety meetings to talk about The Thing I Did That I Shouldn't Have Done.

Syl said...

Let's build an army!

Allknowingjen said...

"We can rebuild her... we have the technology...Better...stronger...faster."
(Though I think with Jaime Summers, it was actually her right hand.) Hope you aren't in too much pain and that they gave you the GOOD drugs ;)

Happy Veggie said...

Yay for hot doctors to make you feel better.

I learned your lesson from a family member already, in adition to this valuable one. Never cut down trees by yourself. Neither end well.