Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Ok, so it might be a bit belated, but Thursdays are always crazy for us because it's the day I volunteer the entire morning in the girls' classrooms (alternatively).  Then I do lunch duty at school, followed by a short break at home which includes making supper bento-lunch-boxes for the girls to eat after their tumbling classes in the evening.  THIS week, tumbling classes were picture day, so, of course, classes ran long & we weren't home until after 7pm, which means streaking through baths & stories to get our need-their-sleep!-ers into bed.

But fortunately,  Valentine's card prep happens before Valentine's Day, 'cuz this is what the girls and I conspired upon for their valentines...

Hope your day was filled with love and gratitude and friendliness 'cuz you know I adore you all!  Happy Valentine's Day to YOU! 

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pippasmum said...

The cards are super-cute! I tried hard not to be too last minute but this year, it didn't work and on the morning of the 14th, we were frantically writing to be ready for school
I hope you had a wonderful V day!