Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sunday Brunch Visitors

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Hurriedly finish up brunch-making on Sunday after church, I brought an egg-in-a-basket to the dining room, to plop it on a plate, when this view out the window caught my eye.

Hi! I see you have peanut butter toast crusts out here.  I'm sure the birds won't mind sharing!
Yeah, we had a deer visiting, right outside our dining room window.  I'd known at least one, probably two of our neighbors had been feeding the local deer, but apparently our peanut butter toast crusts, tossed out for the birds (and some greedy squirrels), smelled better.

Then his friend? sibling? decided to check it out, too.
Hey, that toast any good?

They didn't seem to mind that by this point we were all in the dining room watching them eat.

They didn't seem to mind when I moved closer either.

Oh, look! ANOTHER one!  This is getting ridiculous!

Hi, guys! What's up?!

So the three of them ate some toast, looked at us watching them, and finally decided to wander off somewhere that had not so many paparazzi.

I fear for my garden this summer. 

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Pusher said...

Heh. That was pretty much my reaction too. A moment of, "Oh, nifty!" followed by, "But what about the gardens?!" Hopefully your deer population isn't so heavy that they don't move out of civilization once food is easier to find elsewhere. Meanwhile, though, nice pictures and a fun morning for the girls!