Sunday, September 29, 2013

Car Talk, WI Dells to Home edition

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We were enjoying [maybe not the right word!] a long [extra half-hour due to stop-and-go traffic on I-94 for at least 18 miles] drive home from a wonderful weekend at Wisconsin Dells we'd enjoyed [right word!] with most of my side of the family.  Here are a few snippets of our conversations.
Me:  What was your favorite ride this weekend?
Penguin: Hm... the family raft ride!
M: Why?
Penguin, our more extroverted child: I think because you got to go on it with more people.

 The girls, pointing out to me that it was almost October, and since I don't start their Halloween costumes until October, wanting to get those settled.

Me:  Well, then, have you decided what you want to be?
Pumpkin: Yes! You know!  I want to be a ghost-owl-vampire!  
Me:  Um... how are we going to do that?
Penguin, interrupting:  You can guess mine!  "I drink...your BRAINS!"
Me:  Yeah?  You're sure you want to be a vampire-zombie?!

...discussion ensues regarding how to make Penguin a zombie-vampire.  Basic consensus is vampire (already have cape!) + greenish face & sores...

Me: Ok, then, how are we going to do a ghost-owl-vampire?  I don't know if I can make all those three things work.
Pumpkin: Well, the owl is a barn owl so it's white like a ghost.  
Me: Ok... tell me more.
Pumpkin:  So I need a white owl costume, then add FANGS!
Me:  So... like a vampire bat, but a vampire owl?
Pumpkin: YES!

Slightly later, still in a Halloween-related conversation...

Mr. Kluges:  Hey, did you think about being a vampire-fairy?!?!?!
Pumpkin, subtext, that is ridiculous: Nooooo!
Mr. Kluges: Why not?
Pumpkin:  'Cuz that's not real!

It's a good thing I wasn't driving, 'cuz we would've went off the road with my giggling after that last bit.  Vampire-fairy =/= real, but vampire-zombie AND ghost-owl-vampire? Totally possible!



Anonymous said...

Oh, we miss you girls!
-Miss Gretchen

Cinj said...

LOL, that is too funny. I think I would have driven off the road as well. Too funny.