Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not dead...just disconnected

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No, I did not die as a result of the food poisoning... I just forgot to tell y'all that the new 3 bedroom house we're renting doesn't yet have internet access. However, the wonderful Mr. Kluges signed us up today, so we should be connected to the Collective by next Tuesday. Hooray! Meanwhile, I've abandoned him to Pumpkin's frustration tantrums (oh, how very two-years-old she's been lately!) and taken the nursing one to a Starbuck's. Yay for coffee (decaf, of course), jazz music, a sleeping child (don't jinx it, don't jinx it) and internet access!!!!!

So I'll be keeping this brief because a) I want to get to my bloglines account and catch up with what you all have been doing and b) everything I'd been thinking about blogging about has now fallen out of my head in my excitement of actually being on-line again.

However, I will tell you that I'd NEVER buy the house we're renting for oh, so many reasons (not that we were ever thinking about it, but it's SO just-temporary) including that it's on a service road for a major road, it's surrounded by commercial properties (i.e. a car repair shop, a defunct ebay shipping center, and a digital photo lab), the water pipes do this huge bass grumble about 5 seconds after every time somebody flushes, there's barely room for a card table in the kitchen, our big living room window looks out at the major road and then the parking lot for a big mall, and the upkeep that's been done on the house has been adequate at best. On the amusing side, looking out the living room window reminds me of playing Frogger 'cuz you've got the little service road, then a grass divider, then two lanes of road going to the right, followed by the grassy median and the other two lanes of the major road, then another grass divider, then finally the parking lot. And since there's lots of stop lights, the traffic ebbs and flows a lot, so I can totally imagine hop, hop, hopping a little frog across.

Ok, anyway, I found it amusing. :)

That's all for now - gotta go read what's been up with YOU!

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Pusher said...

Glad to hear you aten't dead. :-)

Your Frogger description cracked me up. Hopefully your house will sell quickly and you can move on to something that suits you better!