Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Waiting Game

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It seems like I've been doing a lot of waiting lately.

Either I'm waiting for Pumpkin to wake up, or I'm waiting for her to be hungry for breakfast, or I'm waiting for it to be lunch time 'cuz that's followed by naptime.

Or I'm waiting for her to fall asleep for her nap or to wake up again or for Mr. Kluges to get home from work or for it to be late enough to start supper.

And that's not counting the regular ol' "waiting in a waiting room" for one of my appointments or one for Pumpkin's finger.

There's been a lot of life-waiting, too, it seems. We're at an in-between place right now with living in a furnished apartment temporarily while finding an unfurnished 3-bedroom to also rent temporarily while we get our house ready and on the market so that we can buy a real house here.

But of course we can't do a whole lot with getting the house ready to get on the market while we're waiting for Baby to come (and while Jaysan and Ang are waiting for THEIR house to be ready so that they can move out - which works fine for us 'cuz we couldn't be there getting the inside ready anyway due to Baby-on-the-way).

And we're still living out of suitcases and some stuff we picked up out of storage at our house because we're waiting for our shipment to come from Ireland. Not that we have anyplace to PUT it all right now, 'cuz we're waiting for the aforementioned 3-bedroom place to be available.

Plus I've been thinking "wait, baby, wait" thoughts because our babysitter-plan for Pumpkin is my MIL, who lives about 6 hours away... and just worked her last day before retirement yesterday. (So at least that waiting's done!)

And last evening was spent waiting to see if the contractions I was having were more along the lines of "I'm tired, it's been a long day, maybe if I just sit down and take it easy they'll ease up or go away" contractions or if they were shaping up to be the real thing.

They have eased up, but still are showing up more than I've had any previous night/evening, so now I'm also waiting for it to be morning because we'll at least be going in to get things checked out.

But right now? Right now I'm waiting for the fire department to turn off the fire alarm that's going off right outside our apartment thanks to the lightning storm we're having so that I can try to fall back asleep.

Good night, all. We'll try to keep you posted...

...but if we do end up in the hospital, you might have to do a little waiting, too. *grin*


Allknowingjen said...

Oh wow that is a lot of waiting.
(though waiting for Pumpkin to wake up? Jealous of that one!) I hope your contractions fade or turn into something productive- that inbetween business is no fun. hang in there!

Syl said...

Hope your waiting is over soon. I waited a whole month with Meimei and it was hell. Good luck!

Pusher said...

...Every time I come to your blog and there's not a new post, I think, "Is she having the baby now???"