Monday, May 14, 2007

Various and Assorted News Bits

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Bad news
Food poisoning = a very unpleasant Mother's Day afternoon/evening. Blech.

Good news
We're in the process of moving from our noisy-neighbor, small, 2 bedroom apartment into a much larger 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. Many thanks to G&G Huis for coming out this weekend and helping so much with moving our stuff out from our TC house and watching the girls!

Icky news
We're considering "Rocket" or "Squirter" as nicknames for our new baby as she has consistently demonstrated a tendency to ... well... number two all over when getting her diaper changed.

Somewhat better news
At least breastfed babies have milder smelling poo.

Comfortable news
I'm SO GLAD to have our comfy green couch and chair in our living room and out of storage! I missed them lots in Ireland when sitting on our rental house's nice looking but not cozy white leather couch.

"Fabulous" news
We're received a couple of packages from TNGreatAunt this week (Thank you!), one of which contained a lovely green fuzzy boa for Pumpkin. She decided her neck was cold, so she wore it - along with purple sunglasses - to the IHOP on Saturday. I coached her to tell her Daddy she looked "fabulous!" *grin*

Hopeful news
Here's hoping that Pumpkin handles sleeping in the new house tonight smoothly. She's had more than her share of change over the last month and a half, but has been a trooper for most of it.

End news
Ok, gotta go and either pack some stuff, eat another saltine (slowly, I'm gearing the tummy back up), or take a nap.


Happy Veggie said...

I can't image food poisoning while breastfeeding. Ugh.
Sprout's a big pooper, so the law of averages means she's had some projectile poops during diaper changes/baths. At least one of them finally got her dad. Hehee. And yes, yay for breastmilk poop being relatively easy to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling a little better - We hope the poop gets better. Just hope she keeps it in the diaper. Congrats on the new place and hope you have quiet neighbors.

Jaysan said...

Maybe that is the answer to all of those guys you never want to use the bathroom after, breastmilk.