Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Funny Girl

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Pumpkin has been making us laugh a lot lately with some of the funny things she says. Here are a few examples I've been saving up to share...

Pumpkin and I were talking about teeth.
P: And when I get bigger, then my teeth will get wiggly and fall out.
M: That's right. And then the tooth fairy will come and give you money for them.
P: Why? (Which we hear INNUMERABLE times every day.)
M: Well, so you can buy things.
P: (nodding) Yeah, like a house!

She was kneeling on one of the classy folding chairs that make up our dining room set along with a card table. Suddenly she started whining/crying, "Ah! My foot is all crinkly!" I guess we now have a new term for "pins and needles."

Mr. Kluges and I were in the kitchen when we heard Pumpkin exclaiming about a fly in the other room. She came running in ('cuz that's always how she moves these days, unless she's dancing), shouting, "It's a bug, Daddy! It's a BIG bug. Tell that fly to shoo! Shoo, fly, stop bozzering me!"
To which Mr. Kluges replied, "A big bug, huh? How big is it?"
"As big as me!"

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Pusher said...

Pumpkin is a funny girl!

Although, while I appreciate how often you must hear it, I have to say that "Why?" is just about the only reasonable response I can imagine to being told about the tooth fairy.