Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Open Letters

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Ok, this is totally a copy of a recent post by All Knowing Jen at The Bus of Love, but it was such a great idea, I just had to be a copycat. (If we were in school, I'd totally be trying to copy her outfits and stuff 'cuz she just so nifty!)

Dear Tall ER Doctor at St. Joe's,
Thank you for being so calm, competent, and professional when we came in to get our Pumpkin's head fixed. Thank you especially for recommending we sedate the poor little thing during the actual stapling so as to reduce her stress and trauma (and ours, too).
Thank you!

P.S. Your ER nurses are really nice, too - especially the one who got Pumpkin the kitty and puppy stickers and gave us some applesauce for her when we were ready to leave at 9 pm when she hadn't eaten anything since her lunch of a piece of ham and some cupcake frosting.

P.P.S. Our pediatrician was very impressed by your work and said it looked like it had been done by a surgeon. Kudos to you!

Dear Our New Pediatrician,
I know my husband thinks you're a little brusque, but I like your no nonsense attitude. Even though I'm slightly intimidated by your cute and stylish clothes and military background, I'm glad the nurses recommended you to us when we were in for the birth of our new baby. You were quick and efficient getting out the staples and that helped a lot.

Also, your military background makes me try harder to remember to give the new baby tummy time 'cuz Mr. Kluges jokes that if I don't you'll make me drop and give you twenty. . . and I know there's no way in H-E-double toothpicks I could even do 10. (Ok, make that 5, even.)

Dear Pumpkin,
You were a very brave and quite calm girl at the doctor's. I'm sure the lollipop bribe helped, but I'm SO proud of you!

Dear Weather,
I know I had said I was looking forward to some more seasonal variation that we were getting in Ireland, but you've managed to fit nearly 3/4 of a year's weather into 2 months what with the snow at Easter time, the hot hot days the last couple of weeks, and today's fall-like temperatures. We're planning on staying here in WI for a while, so you can go back to moseying through the temperature and precipitation variations at your usual pace.

Dear Plumbing,
Quit making that huge ocean rumble sound 20 seconds after every time somebody flushes the toilet. It's annoying. Like, REALLY annoying, especially in the middle of the night.

Dear Everybody who Helped with our House,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks to all your hard work (which we appreciate immensely!) our house in the TC should be going on the market officially Wednesday or Thursday. Hooray! (Now we'll keep our fingers crossed that it finds a buyer with a reasonable offer.) (Or even buyerS with MULTIPLE offers!) (Ok, I know that's just greedy and pie-in-the-sky, but a girl can dream, can't she?)

And finally...
Confidential to L.B.
What is the deal with all your leaking? Your twin R.B. doesn't seem to feel the need to go overboard all the time like you do! Please calm down and pronto. My wardrobe would appreciate it.


ewe are here said...

What? You didn't like the seasonal variations of Ireland - rain, more rain, and even more rain?

heh heh

Why it's so green. Much like Scotland. ;-)

Syl said...

Your house should go, no prob. I walked through when Jay and Ang moved out and it looked even better than I remembered.

And when I figured out that flushing seemed to be the one cue to Meimei that we were definitely up and she should call for our attention, I just stopped flushing. At least at night or in the very early morning. Just stop. Save water, sanity, and no one will really care if it's just #1. Just make sure you flush before you get too much paper in there to avoid clogs.

Happy Veggie said...

Heh. I leak near constantly. Good luck with that.

Allknowingjen said...

Hee- The weather one is really funny :)
Good luck with the house, I bet it goes quickly!

Allknowingjen said...

Oh I also wanted to say - good use of the word "brusque"! It's one of my favorite words and is very useful and it's really annoying when I run across someone who has never heard it before... or worse, says "brisk" instead! ack! Thank you, my name is Jen.