Monday, April 28, 2008

Caffeine's got nothing on this

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(Warning: this story may not be for the arachnophobic (Kittenpie, that's for you!) but is completely safe for work viewing.)

Our morning schedule goes something like this:

Penguin wakes up; I change her diaper; she and I get breakfast.
Pumpkin wakes up, joins us for breakfast (during which time I do her hair), uses the potty, and gets dressed.
Depending on timing and mood, some playtime for both followed by a video for Pumpkin while I nurse Penguin and put her down for her morning nap.
While Penguin is napping and Pumpkin is happily watching Kipper, or Charlie and Lola, or Blue, or somesuch, I hop in the shower.

And that's how today was going...

...until I looked over while washing my hair and saw...



Pshaw, you may be thinking. That's just a li'l ol' spider. Quit freaking out.

To that I respond, when one is, um, unclothed and showering when suddenly seeing said spider, not that far away!, it looks like it's more on this sort of scale...

(Yeah, that shower puff's totally getting tossed!)


kittenpie said...

This is why I hate them - this stuff happens to me ALL THE FREAKING TIME! They seem to love showers. But I can't believe you went and took a photo! Weirdo. I'm too busy washing them down the drain as fast as I can and keeping my feet out of the way so they have no island of safety to clamber onto.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

:) I'll take that "weirdo" in the spirit of fun in which I'm sure it was intended!

Actually, the remainder of the shower was quite, quite quick, and the picture was only taken once I was dressed and much farther away. I'd be too apprehensive to try to wash it down while still in the shower- it was holding nice and still way over at the far end of the shower, so I decided matters could wait until I was dressed.

In fact, there may have been a zoom feature involved with the picture taking.

And then a scoop with a cup and swoop over to the toilet, dump-n-shake, and FLUSH!!!!

Pusher said...

Eeek! What is it about that? Normally I'm totally fine with spiders and other bugs (except centipedes), but they're horrifying when you're naked! Why?

Also? Your mental scale image cracked me up.

Mary Beth said...

I saw his big bother in my garage the other night and came so close to screaming out loud (plenty of internal screaming going on, believe me!) And I was fully clothed - cannot imagine meeting him bare! I tried washing one down the bathroom sink a few weeks ago - he came BACK! Don't they know once their down, they stay down. NO COMING BACK! Now I just squish them.

Syl said...

Ok, I totally thought I could read that but when I saw the picture, I wanted to scream. YOU COULD HAVE DIED.