Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Up Close and Personal

(c) 2008 Ms. Huis Herself at musenmutter.blogspot.com

The hawks were outside again today, so, holding Penguin (hence some camera shakiness), I went out with the digital camera to try to get some clearer close-ups, and maybe even video of their "kek kek kek" call.

I'd post the first video I got...

...but I happened to capture an
"Animal Planet" moment
between the two lovebirds,
I mean hawks...

...which wasn't quite what I'd intended to film. ;)

But I did manage to capture their call after all.

Call of the Cooper's Hawk

P.S. Also, this is the female one. The more "pigeon-y" looking one in the photos below is the male. Trust me, I know this now.


Hey Teach! said...

Wow, I never knew they made so much noise, since I usually see them in flight from a car window.

Anonymous said...

Phoebe and Holle were both entertained by a new bird noise

kittenpie said...

ha! Bird porn! You should send it in to Animal Planet for their next Valentines Day special...

Mary Beth said...

Well,it is spring after all! And just think, you can use this as an example when you're ready to have the sex talk with your girls:)