Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, thanks, TNGreatAunt, for the new kids' sweaters in the last pkg since they fit!

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I'm not sure which is more annoying...
  • being horrendously sick of all the clothes in your own closet and wanting to move on to a new season so you can PUT AWAY THE DANG SWEATERS you have been wearing EVERY DAY for the past FOREVER!
  • looking at your children (both of 'em, in this case) and realizing they've just, in like the past week or two, outgrown most of this season's clothes (in our cases, length of pant legs and length of sleeves), and therefore SINCE IT'S STILL NOT SPRING, having the choice of digging out the "too big for this year" winter clothing and going through it looking for a few items that will now fit, or just pulling out the worst high-water/wrist-displaying offenders and dealing with a more limited wardrobe selection.

Either way, can I have spring now? For reals?


Pusher said...

I'm on the other side of this. Totally looking forward to spring for the warm weather/gardening component, but dreading it because it means I'm going to have to go clothes-shopping again. Every day I can wear one of the same sweaters I've been wearing for the past forever is another day I don't have to go to the mall, in my book!

Syl said...

Call me Push, we'll go.

And I would just weed out the worst and keep them in what they have. It can't last too much longer, right? Spring must be right around the corner...