Saturday, March 28, 2009

10 Part Brain Dump

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In no particular order, here are some things I thought about / meant to post about / were rattling around in my head lately... 'Cuz nothing says "Sorry I haven't posted much/much of substance lately" like dumping 10 somewhat random items into a post and calling it good. ;)

(Slight incoherence may be due to...)
1. Pumpkin throwing up at 3am last night. She'd not wanted to eat supper, then ended up eating a lot. Went to bed as usual, but woke up at 11 pm saying she felt "awful!" Fever of 102.5F, so we gave her kids' tylenol, set a bucket by her bedside, and Mr. Kluges sat with her a while. Then at 3 am she called for us, and I went to see how she was. Still hot, but not as much. Chatted a while, then I went back to bed. Next I heard - cough. 30 seconds later, that dreaded cough - splat. Fortunately she got most of it in the bucket, and, with Mr. Kluges's help, we got her and her room cleaned up and got her back to bed. I rested with her until 4ish, when she was asleep enough for me to return to my own bed. Of course, morning came too soon, but she did well today. We started off easy with simple foods, but she felt well enough for a regular supper tonight. Also, she actually took a nap today. (As did I.)

2. Hoping Penguin's not coming down with the same illness. She's got the runny nose Pumpkin had a few days ago, and was tired enough to take TWO naps today - something unheard of in half a year.

3. SO glad to hear that it looks like Kashka's house is still (knock on wood, fingers crossed, don't-jinx-it) above water in the Margo/Forehead area. It was touch-and-go there for a while, but hopefully the water's started to recede.

4. Mr. Kluges spent all day today working on repairing the many, many cracks in the office. The only swearing occured during naptime when some of the moisture from the new plaster was mucking up the old plaster/paint beneath it and causing failure and chunks to come off. I tell you, Mr. Kluges is going to be a plaster master by the time we're done with all the stuff in this house.

5. Yesterday, poor Pumpkin was playing outside while Mr. Kluges did outside work. She was running on the (needs re-laying) limestone path, tripped, fell, and ended up with a BIG goosebump and ugly bruise right at her hairline above her left eyebrow. Poor kid, yesterday was a tough one for her.

6. With the work in the office, all 6 bookshelves and all the toys have been removed to the sun room and the living room. Most of it is out of the way, but still, having all the edges of the room filled with toys is less than relaxing. It's more annoying than I thought it would be, in a minor, but gratingly irritating way like a single mosquito buzzing around inside your tent.

7. It's spring, dang it, and I'd swept off the brick patio under our clothesline on the last nice spell of days and wiped down the lines themselves. Though it was 33F outside yesterday, it was sunny and slightly breezy, so I hung our sheets out on the line! They were a bit... stiff and crinkly to start, but dried by late afternoon.

7b. It's currently snowing outside. No plans for additional clothesline use in the near future.

8. We had such a BLAST when Nectarine and family were here! It was a little crazy with 5 kids in the house, but so fun! We went to the children's museum and to the zoo (for the 1st time), played Wii (1st time for me), and just hung out and visited. Thanks so much for spending part of your spring break with us!

9. We had a RACCOON outside our house earlier this week! I was doing the pre-bedtime are-the-doors-all-locked check, and noticed the motion detector light on the garage was on. Glanced out, and instead of the neighbor's cat, saw a big ol' raccoon right by the front steps that are about 10 feet from the front door. By the time I got Mr. Kluges to see, Mr. Coon was gone. I know we're only about a block from the river, but still, we've had SO MUCH wildlife around here. Chatty owls, bald eagles in our oak tree this month (right... meant to post a pic... maybe for WW), the Cooper's hawks that were nesting at the neighbor's last summer, not to mention the rabbits and such that you'd expect. Now a raccoon?!

10. This FLYlady stuff seems to be sticking. It's getting easier to let some "stuff" go (see the 365 Less Things in the sidebar!!!), the evening and morning routines make my mornings run more smoothly, and the weekly jobs and missions and all help me focus on keepings things more clean and tidy with less stress.

Ok, there, that's well long enough! Happy rest-of-the-weekend to you all, and let's send nice dry thoughts Kashka's way, ok? ;)


Kashka said...

Thanks! It's working! The levee protecting my neighborhood is looking really good, and the main danger right now is sewer back-up. (Ew.)

DiploWhat said...

May sound strange but glad to hear Penguin had a fever and therefore normal illness because bump on head plus nausea = bad.
I wouldn't be too happy about seeing a raccoon, personally. Nasty buggers that can get into anything, are mean, and have lots of diseases. Hope he was just a scout and you don't end up with regular visits. Else be prepared to see trash and other items strewn about.
I'm looking forward to a regular routine that doesn't sound like "get up, go to Chinese class".

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Diplowhat - I know what you mean about the head bonk & nausea - I'd been keeping a good eye on Pumpkin after her fall, and when she was actually feverish later on, figured it for illness as opposed to a complication related to her injury.