Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hullo & Catching Up

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Hullo. Wow, look at that - it's been almost an entire week since I last posted. Huh. You'd think I was busy catching up on other people's blogs, twittering, and, oh, maybe trying to fit a million books and a thousand toys into our now-painted-and-plastered office.

Good news - almost all toys and such out of the living room and the sunroom and into the office. Bad news - office closet in desperate need of taking everything out and rearranging/reorganizing/decluttering. But hey, one step at a time, right?

Also, we will be doing a whirlwind trip back to MN this weekend to (finally) get Penguin baptized. Leaving here Fri after work, returning late on Sunday.

I should be packing for trip, but it's quiet time/naptime, so that's a good excuse to be on computer.

...oh, wait... baby monitor says my playtime is done - Penguin's up.

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