Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Not so wordless this Wednesday

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Sorry, folks, no Wordless Wednesday today. Mr. Kluges's folks were here from Friday afternoon until this morning. Much work was done up in the attic & in the office. The office is still in a state of craziness - with everything from it in the sun room, the living room (Hello, toys everywhere!), or stacked on the buffet or side table in the dining room. The real computer is one of those things stacked up out of the way, so I don't have the ability to download the new pix I've taken or to access any old ones. (I'm borrowing Mr. Kluges's work laptop to post here and at Recipeeps today since he's home to continue working on house stuff.)

So you'll just have to imagine for now Grampa Jem scrunched down in the attic, trying to work in about one foot of space way out under the eaves, or Gramma Yori, painting the ceiling above the stairs with her paint roller on a superlong extended pole, or Mr. Kluges sitting on top of a ladder, plastering the ceiling overhead.

Hopefully I can post pictures later this week, especially since I tried this tie-dyeing with old silk ties trick and it worked ok! Fun, but it seemed like it took forever to wait for the eggs to be done so I could see them!

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