Saturday, June 13, 2009

Crazy 8s Meme

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The lovely and talented Mugsy over at Drive Fast. Take Chances. tagged me for this Crazy 8 meme. She also tagged our friend AllKnowingJen, so I figured I'd better hurry up and get this out before she tagged everybody else we know! :)

To do list (i.e. “the rules”):

1. Mention the person who tagged me. - check
2. Complete the list of 8’s. - check
3. Tag 8 bloggers & tell them I tagged them. - and done!

Eight things I am looking forward to:
  1. Girls' Adventure Weekend (aka GAW)
  2. Being DONE with Penguin's potty training
  3. not changing any diapers during GAW
  4. new episodes of Lost
  5. not being in charge of anyone else but myself during GAW
  6. seeing relatives I haven't seen in ages at July's family reunion
  7. turning this blankity-blank house into the beautiful home we know it can be
  8. Did I mention GAW? 'Cuz I'm looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of my friends, relaxing, doing fun & adventurous stuff, and not changing any diapers!

Eight things I did yesterday:
  1. Changed poopy diapers
  2. Washed the 6 expandable screens that can fit into our old (otherwise screenless) windows
  3. Picked up a bunch of Siberian squill seeds in the backyard
  4. Used my rubba scrubba on the upstairs rugs to dehair them
  5. Cleaned out the Blazer (Friday's Flylady job anyway) after last weekend's trip (& in preparation for Girls' Adventure Weekend next weekend!)
  6. Practiced some belly dance sword stuff for our troupe's upcoming farmers' market performances (argh! too soon! not ready!)
  7. Did short bike ride with Penguin while Mr. Kluges and Pumpkin chose & cooked frozen pizzas for supper
  8. Broke my French press carafe! Grrr!

Eight things I wish I could do:
  1. dance in public without fear
  2. look graceful while #1
  3. look/be graceful in general, dang it
  4. eat whatever I want without gaining weight
  5. finish going through/organizing the last boxes from our move. You know, the "miscellaneous" ones.
  6. win the lottery secretly so we could do all the things we want to do to this house, travel, not worry about retirement/girls' college funds, etc. without getting lots of pressure on how to spend said $$$
  7. have Trinny and Susannah come and re-wardrobe me!
  8. Fly. 'Cuz that'd be awesome.
Eight shows I watch:
  1. Lost
  2. Castle
  3. The Mentalist
  4. CSI
  5. CSI: Miami
  6. CSI: NY
  7. Um, Sid the Science Kid?
  8. And, uh, SuperWHY?

Eight favorite fruits:
  1. fresh pineapple
  2. strawberries
  3. canned mandarin oranges
  4. really good peaches
  5. perfectly ripe pears
  6. cold, sweet watermelon on a hot day
  7. kiwifruit
  8. the banana in a banana split

Eight places I’d like to travel:
  1. China (to see the Great Wall!)
  2. Egypt (for the pyramids)
  3. back to Ireland to visit friends & to show Pumpkin where she lived
  4. The Grand Canyon (never been!)
  5. One of the Disneys, with the girls when they're older
  6. back to Venice with my husband for some milestone anniversary
  7. maybe New York, but I'm a little scared...
  8. anywhere I'd win an all-expenses-paid vacation! ;)

Eight places I’ve lived:
  1. Blarney, Co. Cork, Ireland
  2. Upper Hutt, New Zealand (Hey, 3 months counts!)
  3. The Fox Valley area, Wisconsin
  4. Morris, Minnesota
  5. Benson, Minnesota
  6. Golden Valley, Minnesota
  7. St. Paul, Minnesota
  8. outside of a very, very, very small town in SW MN

People I’ve tagged (in reverse alphabetical order!):
  1. Syl at Watching Paint Dry
  2. Sexy Blonde, The at A Plague of Roses
  3. Pusher at Verb My Noun
  4. Nectarine at Newsense of Today
  5. Kittenpie at Life of 'Pie
  6. Kasha_Z at Aunt Templeton's Theme Song
  7. Jaysan at Even More Robustity
  8. Diplowhat at Undiplomatic Ravings
(Wow, 8's a lot!)

Woo-hoo! Now I feel all CraZy! :)

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