Thursday, June 18, 2009

If somebody cries in the night, and I'm not there...

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... I tell myself the world won't end! ;) Now if Mr. Kluges can get them to believe that...

Today, I am leaving for my first ever kid-free vacation since becoming a mother. Actually, it's even my first ever night away from either girl.

Well, except if you count when I was in the hospital having Penguin. Then I was spending the nights away from Pumpkin.

But that's it.

Seriously - 4 1/2 years, approaching 5, and I'd never not slept under the same room as my child(ren).

It's going to be weird. Don't get me wrong - I'm going to enjoy not having to change diapers, help somebody with the potty, worry about what anybody's getting into, consider who will eat what for meals, manage bedtime, etc.

Stay up late if I want; sleep in late if I want...

(Do a multiple hour car trip with nobody to entertain or feed snacks except myself!)

But it's going to be odd. I fully expect to (often) think, "What IS it that I'm forgetting?" and then realize the two little parts of my mind that have been continually focused on knowing where each girl is and what she's doing are all confused... because they're not there.

They'll be at home, with their daddy, who has taken a couple of vacation days, so that _I_ can go on vacation. They'll have fun, it'll be good for them all, they'll bond with Daddy over Father's Day weekend.

It'll be a wonderful break and I'm very much looking forward to this long weekend...

... but I know by Sunday, I'll be very much looking forward to getting back home, to be with my family again! Much love to my hubby & my two sweet little girls! Good luck with your weekend together!

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