Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ah, time for another round of open letters!

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Dear Rabbits,

We've got a ton of hostas. Why'd you have to go and mow down one of the only ones I've transplanted to a new spot? Now it looks all off-balance and funny in that area.

More importantly, STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY GARDEN! I'm pretty sure you've been at the beans & I'm telling you now that better be the end of it!

The One Doing The Weeding, So Don't Think I Won't Notice

Dear Squirrels,

Yes, I know we've got a cool house. With recessed mortar between the bricks. Which apparently makes for excellent toe/claw holds. But I'm afraid my husband is going to have a conniption fit if he keeps seeing you scampering about on the side of his house. And if you keep it up, he's going to start trying to chuck rocks at you again, which is totally going to result in the breakage of at least one probably-from-1921 window glass. So knock it off.

The One Who Climbed Out of the Bathroom Window Yesterday and Scared the Bejeesus Out of One of You, Resulting in an Impressive-Looking Two Story Leap on Your Part

P.S. I do think it's hilarious that one of you squirrels peeked in at him through the bathroom window when he was brushing his teeth this morning though...

Dear Our Municipality,

What exactly are the regulations in regards to slingshots and attempted use upon annoying varmints?

A Law-abiding Citizen

Dear FLYlady,

I love how my house is tidier and cleaner since I started following your program. You're right - you can get a lot done in 15 minutes, routines help, watch out for Hot Spots, etc.

But all this cleaning is cutting into my blogging/posting/surfing time! :)

A Flybaby

Dear Twitter,

I love how I can just pop on and share my 140 character thoughts with the world. However, it has cut down on my expanding those thoughts into, say, an actual post.

How Many Characters Do I Have Left?

Dear Papa Jem and Damma Yori,

Thanks for hosting us this weekend, and especially for sharing your coats and such with us when the weather was 20 degrees colder than was forecast when I checked it for packing. As always, we very much appreciate the extra work & patience on your part & all the yummy food.

Your DIL

Dear Weather,

What was up with you this past weekend? Seriously, I checked the forecast, with the right zip code and everything, for packing & it said 68F and partly sunny (as of Tues). You gave us 48F (brrr!), all-day rain/drizzle, and wind gusts for Saturday's 4 hour graduation party at a park. As Penguin said (repeatedly), "Playground wet!"

Guess All That Time I Spent Choosing the Perfect Short-sleeve Shirt & Capri Outfit was Unnecessary

Dear Musings & Mutterings Readers,

Sorry I've been so absent lately. Between the end of the school year for Pumpkin, trying to keep up/get ahead with the Flylady stuff (love the results!), and a back-in-MN graduation this past (extended) weekend, I just haven't been posting. Apologies, & I'll try to start doing better.

The Author


Mugsy said...

Yeah for Open Letters!

Amelia Sprout said...

It is the squirrels that have been in my garden. I'm going to start getting violent, and I am not a violent person.

And yay for posts. I love the tweets, but I miss the posts.