Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mmmmm.... protein!

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We are in the process of making pizzas. I'm helping Pumpkin; Mr. Kluges is helping Penguin. Since I precooked the crusts a little, the pans are hot, so he's putting on her toppings for her.

Mr. Kluges: [Penguin], do you want some cheese?

Penguin: Uh-huh.

Penguin: Bwack owivves!

K: You want some black olives, too? [Pumpkin], please pass over the black olives.

K: How about mushrooms? You want mushrooms?

P: Uh-huh.

K: [Penguin]-y, these are green onions. You want some green onions?

P: Uh-huh.

K: (looking doubtful) You want onions?

P: Uh-huh.

K: (looking at me) Ok, [Penguin], how about some ground-up centipede feet? Do you want some of those on your pizza?

P: Uh-huh. Favorite!


Mary Beth said...

Hmmm... Love me some centipede feet! And I know where you can find some:)

Nectarine said...

Yum!! One thing we have never tried on our pizza. I laughed outloud when I read this one! Thanks.