Friday, July 31, 2009

When you only have one word to express your displeasure...

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Partial list of things Penguin (age very much 2) has declared "yucky!" this week:
  • car
  • church
  • out car (getting out of the car)
  • home
  • eat
  • Mommy (!)
  • Daddy
  • [Pumpkin]
  • quiche (as soon as she saw it on the table)
  • go home
  • Ariel
  • breakfast
  • screen
  • diaper change
  • Dora
  • Dora shirt (only because she wanted a different one of her 4 favorite shirts*)
  • potty
  • bath
  • brush teeth
  • bed
  • Mickey diaper (overnight diaper)
  • bedtime
  • books
  • rocking
  • blanket
  • cover up (not a swimsuit cover up, but the act of covering her up at bedtime)
  • kisses
  • night-night
These are never just "Yucky!", they are "Yucky car!" or "Yucky cover up!" or "Yucky diaper change!"

*Penguin's four favorite shirts consist of two different Dora ones, a Blue's Clues, and a frog one Gramma Yori brought back from New Orleans. Good thing I do laundry a lot. :) She also has favorite socks - Dora, princess, Oscar, & Elmo.

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