Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baking with Daddy

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Scene: Dining room table. Mr. Kluges is perusing recipe book while Pumpkin is drawing nearby. After some debate he finally says...

Mr. Kluges: Ok, how about Chocolate-Laced Pudding with Cinnamon?

Pumpkin: (absent-mindedly) Um-hmm.

K: You're not listening. What did I say we were going to make?

P: (glancing quickly at the page as Mr. K almost as quickly tries to cover the title of the recipe) Puhdd-ing.


Scene: Dining room table. Mr. Kluges & Pumpkin have chosen a recipe & are now working as a team to assemble the ingredients.

Mr. Kluges: Ok, we're going to need a pinch of salt. Can you reach the salt?

Pumpkin: (striding purposefully toward kitchen) Yes! I can! I'll go pinch it!


Pumpkin: (retrieving the eggs in their carton) I didn't even drop it once. Or even a teeny bit!



Nectarine said...

She must be quite the reader now!! So proud of her. Maybe she can give our 5 year old some lessons!

How about some guests for spring break again?

Pusher said...

How cute. :-)