Friday, February 05, 2010


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In economics, there's a concept called "cost-benefit analysis." Basically, it compares how much something's going to cost, with the potential benefits/return from said cost.

In parenting, I think sometimes it's more of a "joy-hassle analysis*." How much joy/pleasure are your offspring going to get out of something vs. how much of a hassle is it for you. Getting to use a crazy straw? High joy/low hassle. Painting? Might be high joy, but it's also high hassle. Bringing your non-napped, overtired, teething small fry to a fancy restaurant? Yeah, that's just a lose-lose, low joy/high hassle situation, most likely.

And all this is just a fancy way of saying we're letting the girls wear their swimsuits in the bathtub tonight.

*My idea, all mine, so poopyheads, hands-off. Nice friends, go ahead and use. :)


Nectarine said...

My ECFE class has been having beach day and wear their suits all day and do a picnic on the floor. One mom said it was too cold (might be for your house) and they put them over their clothes. I am sure you had fun last night at bathtime!!

Pusher said...

Hee! Brilliant.