Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Some clever title with belly dancing, tv, and swords in it. *grin*

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Last Saturday, my belly dance troupe was invited to perform at a local arts festival. We were also supposed to do a tv spot at 8ish that morning, but it was canceled thanks to some chemical spill up in Michigan.

(It reminded us a lot of when we'd been performing at a similar (but outdoors) arts festival last summer when our 6am tv spot had been usurped by a big union to-do with a major local manufacturer. I found out at 5:30am when my phone rang as I walked up to the dark, vacant stage area where it was supposed to be.)

As consolation we were offered the next morning's 6:30am spot with a different channel. Fortunately for us, this one actually happened.

(Ok, if that embedding doesn't work, here's a link to their page... about halfway down is a player & you'll want "Belly dancers shake at Arti Gras.")


Pusher said...

Hey, go you!

Nectarine said...

You go!! First - you look great Second - that is really talented Third - your hair is really long Keep up the great work!

The Dude said...

Very cool!! :)