Friday, March 12, 2010

A Few Things

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You can roughly divide our front yard into three sections (seen here 2 Aprils ago). The part farthest south, between the sidewalk and neighbors' big scraggly trees & overgrown honeysuckle bushes that spread 10-15 feet onto our land is still covered with a good foot of snow. The middle section between the sidewalk & the driveway is 2/3 snowy, but the northern-most section, next to the garage is snow-free. And you know what that snow-free, sunny part is, right? THE GARDEN.

Huh, guess we better start figuring out what we want to plant this year.

After I read a brief blurb in the local paper during lunch about Harrison Ford having dinner in a restaurant up in Green Bay, I spent the entire time I was washing up the lunch dishes imagining what I could say to him if I ever, say, ran into him around here.

Note to self: If I need celery, I should just get the few pieces I need from the store's salad bar because I NEVER use it before it gets all yucky & limp.

I found my husband an anvil on Craig's List. He considers it helping him with his new hobby. I consider it a precursor to him developing some lovely large biceps. ;) (Love you, hon!)

I have dress rehearsal tonight for the park & rec's big recitals over the weekend. Mr. Kluges & the girls are coming to the afternoon one tomorrow, plus there's an evening one also on Sat & an afternoon one on Sunday. Which is Daylight Savings Time, so I'd better remember to switch the clocks. Not that it matters too terribly, since we dance in the second half.

I hate the smell of nail polish on my hands & can smell it for a day even after it's dry.

It's hard to type while trying to be careful of one's drying nail polish, but I lack patience. :)

The girls' nails are also polished - Pumpkin's are pink with sparkles over top. Penguin's are a different color on each nail, from pink, to clear sparkles, to blue, to RED, to green.

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