Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's planting time!

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Ah, the wonderful warmth of late spring! It was so warm so early, then cold again (a big ol' passel of snow, even!), and now finally more appropriately timed good weather.

So I'm trying to get my garden planted! We have lots of herbs that successfully made it through the winter (parsley, chives, both regular and chocolate mint, a little thyme and sage, my word the sage!), plus the strawberry plants from a neighbor are flowering and making cute little itty berries! (Penguin checks on them daily.) And we took all of 5 minutes this past weekend to plant the pumpkins & cucumbers, since that didn't involve much need for accuracy in where they went/straight rows, etc.

But the rest of it? The beans, the peas, the beets... yeah, all those seeds are languishing away in their little packets. BUT, yesterday I did measure and mark out their rows, so hopefully this afternoon, once Penguin wakes up from her (blessed, blessed) nap, a-farming we might go!

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