Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5K Goal Progress

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Sorry for the brief/only photo posts. Spring gets busy, what with all the outside projects, end of the school year stuff, outside projects and spring cleaning. Oh, and outside projects. Plus, who wants to sit at the computer inside a non-air-conditioned house when at least outside there might be a bit of a breeze.

Wanted to share with y'all a bit of progress on my goal of running a 5K this year. (And actually, the related goal of exercising most nights/week.) It's going great! I'm in Couch-to-5K's Week 8, which has a 5 minute brisk walk to warm-up, then 28 (TWENTY-EIGHT) minutes of running. Which I can do! In fact, on Tuesday, while running in our nice cool basement & watching the Lost finale, I kept going after those 28 minutes 'cuz I only needed less than 2/10 of a miles to get to 3. WHICH I DID! So now I've run 3 miles!

Granted, it was in our nice cool (high 60s) basement, on a nice flat treadmill, while watching a very engaging show. I know that outside will be warmer, hillier, and less distracting - and therefore harder.

But still! I did it once! And that's the the start of doing it more!

This Couch-to-5K thing has definitely helped with the "exercise most nights each week" goal. If I don't do my 3 runs each week, I can definitely tell. I fall behind & have to repeat at least part of a week to catch up. So, between 3 runs and 1 belly dance class each week, I'm golden!

I do have to say I'm a bit annoyed by one factor (well, one in particular). When I made this a goal, I thought that focusing on this exercise, making sure it was regular, looking toward a very measurable goal would help with losing a few pounds as a side effect. Well, apparently exercise makes me hungry. No magical poundage decline, but I AM in definitely better shape & can run for minutes and minutes and minutes at a time! 5K, here I come!!!


Happy Veggie said...

While I am noticing slight differences in my waist, and I am definitely more fit, I am not losing either. Which is annoying when you have 60-70 left to lose.

For me, the most I've lost was when it was too cold/wet to run outside. My body seems to like building muscle more than dropping fat.

Pusher said...

I am super impressed. But not surprised. You rock.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Aw, Pusher, that's one of the nicest things anybody's ever said to me! :x