Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

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Happy Father's Day! my father, Grandpa Pharaoh, for his humor, stories, explanations, and involvement thoughout the years.  I love you dearly and am incredibly grateful for you and your presence in my life! my husband, father of my children, for his, ahem, "contribution," co-parenting, balance, humor, putting-to-bed and story-reading, big dreams and realism, and silliness.  Thank you and I love you, deeply. my father-in-law, for helping to raise my wonderful husband, for his jokes, sense of humor, sense of proportion, and knowledge of what's important in life.  Also, on behalf of his granddaughers, for the minnows.  :) all the fathers out there, for their love and attention, ball-throwing and owie-kissing, late night worries and early morning risings, chauffering to ball games and dance practice - thank you for your love and commitment to your children. those who struggle to become fathers, with love and affection and hope and sympathy. those who came upon fatherhood unexpectedly, or later in their children's lives, with love and affection and hope and sympathy. fathers who also serve as mothers, and mothers who are fathers, with an extra helping of strength & support. 

... to those who have lost their fathers, with sympathy on this difficult day.  

... to those who have fathers, wishing you joy in your relationship, or healing in an estrangement, and a reminder to give him a call today, before it's too late.

... and to all who have a special place in a child's life, who provide guidance and love and attention. Thank you for being there for them.

To all of you who so richly deserve it, Happy Fathers' Day!!!!

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