Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Movin' right along...

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Less than 2 weeks to go! OMG!

Yeah, minute panic attack there.

Things going ok overall, if busy. To make me feel a little better about what's gotten done lately and what's in progress, here's a list...
  • Found furnished place we want to rent for first month while we get settled & look for more of a 6 month unfurnished place ('cuz by then we hope to get our own old house fixed up, on the market, and sold... eventually allowing us to buy in WI). Need to fill out form & email back, but looks good.
  • Replied back to US car insurance agent & should be able to have that sorted (with help of Grandpa Pharaoh) so can drive right away once we're there. Just gotta remember which side of the road to use! *grin*
  • Figured out where Pumpkin and I are going to spend first week getting over jetlag & emailed ideas to grandparents - hopefully that looks good to them. Also, yay that grandparents have toys!
  • Got my suitcase and Pumpkin's suitcase tentatively packed. Of course, still need to add last minute stuff & am using stuff out of them, but I know what will fit. Haven't done carry-ons yet, and I know there will be things that I HAVE to cram in that I've forgotten, but at least I've managed to fit in what I think I need & get them closed. (Also will be switching some stuff around so that if either bag goes missing, we still have half of our stuff. Mr. Kluges will be on his own for that 'cuz he won't be staying the week in MN with us, but will have to head to WI for work on Monday.)
  • Chipping away on the miscellaneous crap that we have to toss, donate, give away, ship, etc. You know, the accumulated STUFF in closets, bathrooms, nightstand drawers, etc. Harder to keep working on it 'cuz you don't really see a lot of progress, but it's deal with it now or when we're more stressed for time, so I'll keep plugging away at it.
  • Still waiting to hear if relocation people have been able to do anything about/in regards to insane rate increase. With long weekend here, know that's holding US side up with their communication with Irish agents, but hope to hear back soon. Also, tossing/donating more!
  • Got babysitter booked for Sunday night so that she and Pumpkin can play together one more time & Mr. Kluges and I can take a sanity evening for just the two of us. Probably will spend whole time talking about move, but can do so while out to eat!
Ok, going to get back to sorting/tossing. Hope you're all well and THANK YOU all for your expressions of support through comment and/or email! It's certainly helped me feel less stressed!


Syl said...

My best moving thoughts are with you.

Jaysan said...

Soon you will be footloose and fancy free.

Kashka said...

Jay forgot "and a Badger."