Monday, March 26, 2007

We're under a week!

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Quick post on the fly. Posting will (continue) to be spotty to nonexistent as we are at the "under a week" mark! Busy, busy!

Took the time to have a date night last night though & I'm so glad we did. We wanted Pumpkin to have one last chance to see her babysitter, and we didn't mind the idea of some "just us two" time, either. Pumpkin was clingy & sad when we left, which was a first, so I think the move/change/stress might be rubbing off on her a bit, too. That, or she's getting sick, which wouldn't be good. Will probably bring her in to see the doctor today or tomorrow if she continues to seem not herself.

Other than that, we're at the "it's the last time we...." stage. So today is the last time Pumpkin and I go to the Planet, Tuesday will be Mr. Kluges's last day at the office here, Wednesday will be the last Gymboree class, etc.

Ok, gotta run and help Pumpkin with breakfast. Cheers to all!

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Pusher said...

I'm glad you took the opportunity for a date night.

Under a week! Wow! Enjoy your "lasts", and if it starts to get too much on the sad side, just remember: willing — even eager — babysitters available within reasonable driving distance for weekends. :-)