Thursday, March 15, 2007

Moving Highs and Lows

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Got a quote back from the same people that shipped our 7x7x4 crate over two years ago. Granted, the estimated weight (based on a "we're shipping that and that and that" walkthrough... & we're still trying to thin down) went up to 1800 from the 1400 we shipped before, but it more than doubled! Ack! Choke! Panic! Granted, work is helping to pay to move us back, but that's a stipend, not a blank check, so we're definitely on a budget, and this? Well, this quote would pretty much eat up the ENTIRE stipend. Argh... Mr. Kluges is going to call them tonight to see why the extreme increase in cost. So, boo!

Aer Lingus won't fly expectant mothers more than 34 weeks along. And between 28 & 33 weeks you have to submit a form from your doctor saying you're fine to travel. (Not sure what is the case with exactly 34 weeks... poor wording, I'd say). I was a little panicky on this as I'll be flying at 33 weeks 6 days. (And it has to be April 1 'cuz that's when we'll have insurance coverage in the US... and we weren't going to travel without it, just in case!). Well, got form to doctor, faxed it in, and got call from Aer Lingus that I was approved to travel & could check in as usual. Whew! That was a big stress reliever there!!! No nighttime worries that night!

Tried to do some sorting and packing during Pumpkin's nap today. We're trying to do only 3 suitcases since I won't really be able to help wrangle them, but man! is it tough to try to pack for 6 weeks in one bag. Add to that the changeable weather in spring in the Midwest, and that Baby is scheduled to arrive about 6 weeks after our return to the US... and our shipment should arrive 6-8 weeks after leaving here... well, I've got to pack accordingly. That means maternity stuff of different weights, plus hospital stuff (like CDs & a back roller massage ball thingie), plus at least some itty bitty baby stuff that I had my parents bring over when they visited last & now have to bring back to the US... in case Baby beats the shipment... *sigh* Yeah, gonna have to try to thin down some more, or convince Mr. Kluges we can manage a 4th bag...

So that's where we're at currently in the moving process. Gotta go & run to the grocery store 'cuz I can't make supper out of nothing but condiments and dried rice, even though I am trying to clean out the cupboards!

P.S. In other good news, I found E10 on the way home from the grocery store today. Score!


Ang said...

That is some craptastic news on the crate shipping front! Aargh!! I hope it's not too hard to winnow down your stuff. It't not a challenge I would look forward to. But good news on the getting permission to fly! Woo hoo! And getting some sleep :-)

DiploWhat said...

Remember - the US is FULL of good discount stores. So, while you may think "I really need to pack this and can't go without that" you can pick it up here for cheap if you really do end up needing it. And, you'll once again have the family and friends resouces to draw upon - you aren't going somewhere totally new. (Well, ok, you're not going to the cities but you know what I mean.)
But as a fellow traveler, just please remember to pack some toys for Pumpkin to play with on the plane. Or Nyquil. Whichever works for you. =)

Allknowingjen said...

3 suitcases? For 6 weeks? I'd be lost right there!
But I agree, my cardinal packing rule is that I can always buy something if I really really need it. - and that's only really happened once or twice. I think I once bought a sewing kit and once a curling iron.
I hope the shipping thing gets worked out!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Oh yeah, now that I've traveled transatlanticly with Pumpkin a few times, I'm all about the toys. Mr. Kluges says I overprepare, but you know what? Everybody sitting near us should appreciate that Pumpkin will have plenty of toys, books, and snacks and such to keep her busy on the flight! I like to pick up some new (cheap or secondhand) books and toys (fast food prizes work well, too) and wrap them so she gets the fun of a PRESENT! as well as the actual use of the toy. Yay for toys!

Pusher said...

I second what Diplowhat says about the family and friends bit. For example, between us I bet we could come up with a back roller and more mix CDs than you can stand, especially if you let us know what moods you'd like. Voila! More room in your suitcases.

Please don't hesitate to tap us for stuff like that! I feel fairly safe in speaking for everyone here when I say that it would be no problem at all to put together a welcome home care package full of things like that — it's completely easy for us and might give you a little more breathing room! Just let us know what you need.

Jaysan said...

Not only all of that, but there has got to be stuff from the storage spots that you can raid once you get here.