Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tedious and Stressful

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Those are the words I'd use to describe moving right now. A lot of the big stuff is done, but there're still enough loose ends that I have niggling little worries in the back of my mind all the time. And a lot of stupid little stuff is left, like cleaning out my nightstand of the entirely random, semi-useful, useless, very necessary, and "what is that doing in there?" stuff that somehow filled it up in a big ol' mess stew, and getting rid of extra miscellaneous crap (like new bottles of shampoo - dumb little stuff like that), that takes time, but I don't really feel like I'm actually DOING anything or getting anything accomplished.

*sigh* And it doesn't help that Pumpkin was wide awake for 1/2 hour or more at about 4:30 am... and WOULD. NOT. TAKE. A. NAP. today, even though she was so tired after our Gymboree music class that she was crying in her stroller on the way home. I eventually gave up and she's now watching a video just so I can get a short sanity break.

But I AM continuing to try to get stuff done, mostly by telling myself that hey, ANYTHING that I do get done is better than nothing.

So, with that inspiring ending, I'm off to do SOMETHING, even if it's just emptying out the dishwasher.


Anonymous said...

deep and slow breaths

tn great aunt Ruth

repeat many times!!!!!!

ShoNuff said...

Hang in there, and remember that soon you will have Target again...or other good thoughts.

Syl said...

Just up-end that drawer into a box, ship it back, and sort it out when you get here. Oh wait, shipping. Crap, the mover's delight has been stolen from you.