Sunday, April 29, 2007

We're still here & fine

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Just wanted to do a brief post to let y'all know we're still here & still fine. I REALLY think Baby will be here in less than a week though... time will tell if I'm right. Thankfully, we've done ok so far this weekend with Mr. Kluges far away in the TC. He should be heading for home pretty soon, so that'll be good.

(Big THANKS to those who showed up to help with the yardwork at our house. I know Mr. Kluges said both sets of grandparents were wonderful help and that NoNickTodd was a masterful shoveller as well. Thanks, too, to anybody else who showed up to help yesterday or today that I don't know about - we appreciate it!)

Ok, Pumpkin's napping, so I'm going to go have a lie-down myself. Gotta store up some sleep, you know?!?


Happy Veggie said...

I can't say we helped, but we stopped by. You now have some teeny tiny diapers that once fit on the Sprout, and a collection of t-shirts and onesies coming back to you. Thanks for the Diaper Champ and tub.

NoNick said...

It was good to see Mr. Kluges again, even if I had to make a molehill out of a mountain to do it. Glad to help.

As for the Naming, as mentioned in the last post, I think I'll pass. You know how I am with names. You'd end up with something like the word verification thing down there, "wrbww". ;)