Monday, May 12, 2008

1 down! Hooray!

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So I figured I'd better write something 'cuz it's been a little bit again & I want to save the bitstrip comic I made on Saturday, staying up way too late while Mr. Kluges had to work until 1 am, until Friday so I can call it a "Friday Funny," so here we go with....

...what, like, the longest run-on sentence ever? Ok, wow. I thought I made decaf coffee this morning, but maybe I was mistaken.

I know I've talked about my 2008 Resolutions a few (too many) times already this year, but if I don't keep them in front of me so to speak I won't work on them. Sad, but, true.

But now? Now I've accomplished one of them! Hooray!!!!

5. This one's a late addition to my list: To read at least 4 nonfiction books this year. I enjoy reading, but I practically always read fiction. Mr. Kluges recommended The Omnivore's Dilemma to me, and it made me realize I should be at least reading some more nonfiction. And since I'm in-progress on it, I'm going to be counting it as my first one for 2008.

It's only the middle of May, but I've already finished my 4 nonfiction books. I read:
I've even read nearly all of The No-Cry Sleep Solution as well, so I've averaged about 1 nonfiction each month. Yay, me!

Gotta say, I found good ideas in all 3 of the child-rearing books. Some definite contradictory opinions between Healthy Sleep Habits (cry it out) and the No-Cry Sleep one, but food for thought in each. Lots of similarities in areas like the importance of sleep, establishing a bedtime routine, overtired = the devil (ok, paraphrasing!), etc.

And LOTS of food for thought in the Omnivore's Dilemma. (*grin*) It does make me think a bit more about my food choices and look at ingredient labels, that's for sure.

And The Professor and the Madman was intriguing. I wished they would have given more examples and fleshed out more of the dictionary making process, but all in all it was very interesting. Um, if you like language and dictionaries and odd coincidences and insanity and such like. Also, I learned a new word that ends in "-otomy." Bizarre stuff in that book.

So I'm glad I made the 4 nonfiction books one of my 2008 goals because (woot!), I've already accomplished it and enjoyed/was edified by my reading. Also, I'd say I'm much more likely to seek out some more nonfiction for both education and fun in the future as well.


kittenpie said...

I don't read much non-fic either (Professor and the madman ahs been on my shelf for years without getting read!), but if you are looking for more, a few I really enjoyed were Stumbling on Happiness and both of Richard Preston's books on nasty viruses like ebola. (They were called Demon in the FReezer, which talks a bit about the potential for bioterrorism as well, and The Hot Zone, which is a lot about epidemiology, which I find fascinating.)

Pusher said...

Congratulations! Way to go!