Thursday, May 15, 2008

Coffee Maker Conundrum Resolved

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Ok, y'all have convinced me. I'm going with the 8-cup thermal coffee maker that I bought at Target but didn't open when Mr. Kluges expressed doubts that it would be big enough for company. We'll think about adding an electric kettle or other hot water fix to the mix if we still think we need it after a while.

Thanks so much for your input, both through comments and the poll!

Final results from the poll (which I just closed) were:

a 12-cup coffee maker
2 (14%)
an 8-cup THERMAL coffee maker
4 (28%)
an electric kettle only
1 (7%)
the 12-cup AND electric kettle
1 (7%)
the 8-cup AND electric kettle
10 (71%)
Other - I'll leave a comment.
2 (14%)

1 comment:

kittenpie said...

Dammit, I missed all the excitement.

I think how many cups will suffice depends on both the number of people you foresee entertaining and the size of the cups you will be filling, both that said, if you are entertaining a mass quantity, 12 cups might not cut it either. Sometimes, you just have to run two batches, I would guess.